chennai marathon 2016

It’s time for our Chennai Marathon 2016! For those of you who haven’t been following the blog, we have been running for 5 years now. This time we are running in Chennai and have been training for 2 months. We did it together, it wasn’t just one person but we had 3 people doing the same drills. The 3 of us all ran all the same distances and had a very fun time.

We ran all day and all night. It was a blast and we ended the night with a party in our hotel room.

This is the first time we participated in a marathon. The first three years we were running in a 5k and a half. It was an experience we wont forget and we were very lucky that we got to participate in it. The last 3 years we have been doing 3k and 5k. It has been a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work.

The marathon was a lot of fun indeed. We usually run 3 days and one rest day, but it was fun in a different way. We got to run a marathon every day and an optional evening run every night. It takes a lot of energy to do this. Usually, you can just run a 5k or 5 mile (depending on your schedule). But for the first time, you have to run a marathon and have an option to have a rest day every 2nd day.

The marathon is also a lot of mental energy. You’re not really running a race. You’re just running, and you want to keep your heart rate up. But you’re also really trying to run a long time. To achieve that, you’re trying to train your body to run a long time. You are working out to get that heart rate up so that you don’t fall behind in the marathon.

A marathon is a competition, much like track or cycling. However, there are a few differences. For one, a marathon is a series of events rather than a race. You will be running for a minimum of 5 hours, and you will have a set amount of time to rest each day. The rest days are meant to push you to the max. And that max is just how hard you want to push your body.

The goal of a marathon is to complete a specific distance in the shortest amount of steps possible. The best way to do that, is by running a long, long time. A marathoners are constantly training to keep their body ready to run long, long distances. The marathon is just a way to put your body to the test for a long time.

chennai marathons are a great way to use up your fitness. They aren’t as bad as some popular training programs like HIIT or Crossfit, but are still quite brutal. You can easily lose most of your fitness in a marathon, so you’ll need to find a way to use it up before it hurts too much. The best way to do that is by running a marathon.

chennai marathons are a great way of giving your body a shot at putting all its stress to good use. They are a great way of training your body to be able to run long distances on a regular basis. It has been shown that when you do the same thing over and over, your body adapts to the exercise. The same is true for marathoners. They can easily get exhausted and need to go back to basics again and again.

And running a marathon is also a great way of burning calories. Running a marathon is like eating a salad. You want to eat as many calories as you can while you’re running because it burns lots of fat, which makes you less hungry when you stop for a break. But just because you can eat a lot of salads, doesn’t mean you should.



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