drunk russians

That’s right, we’re having a drink with the drunk russians.

Yeah, my friends. We are.

After a few drinks, or maybe not, we have found ourselves in a pub where we drink to get our minds off things, but it is in that pub that we have found ourselves to be the drunk russians. We have no idea of what is going on, but we are drunk and we want to get drunker.

These are the drunk russians. Their names are not specified, but they are the drunken russians. They are the group of people who have discovered the world and are now drunk. Their favorite drink is alcohol, and they are the drunk russians.

So we like drunk russians, and we are the drunk russians. We also like alcohol, and we are the drunk russians. I am not sure where this group of russians got their name, but I am sure they are not from Russia, and they are not from Russia. I think they are an American group of people that have gotten drunk in a pub in London.

Well, maybe not from London, but from Edinburgh. We don’t know whether or not they are from Scotland, so we have no idea if this group is Russian. If they are, they are probably just a bunch of people from a pub in Edinburgh drinking a lot of whiskey and talking about how much they really want to get laid. Because it also happens to be the last day of the Edinburgh Festival festival, which is just a great excuse to drink and talk about sex.

As in Edinburgh, you can find some drunken Russians in Russia. And in Russia, you can find some drunken gents in the West. But a lot of Russians that get drunk in pubs in Edinburgh are not gents at all. They are just drunk Russians.

The Russians have been drinking in pubs in Edinburgh for about seven years now. They’re the drunkest Russians in the world, and this is why. They drink so much that they become so drunk that they can’t even move. They’re so drunk that their gents are not even aware they’re drunk and are trying desperately to keep up. It’s like a scene out of The Shining.

The Russians are so drunk that they are not even aware theyre drunk and are trying desperately to keep up. It’s a great scene in The Shining.

The drunk are the most important part of the story. This is why, while you’re waiting for the final cutscene, you can’t get the final cutscene until you read the final cutscene, but you don’t get the final cutscene until you read the final cutscene.



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