fruit bats picture

We are all a little bit of a fruit bat now.

Fruit bats are the most intelligent animals on earth, and their intelligence and intelligence quotient are on a par with human intelligence. If you’ve ever seen a fruit bat on a tree, you know they’re extremely intelligent, and they’re often seen using their eyes as a camera to take in the world around them. If you’ve ever seen a fruit bat on the ground, you know they’re very active and not afraid to attack.

Not only do fruit bats have many eyes (and even more eyes than humans), they also have a huge array of personalities. In their lives they look like the most beautiful birds in the world. Some of this may be due to their enormous numbers, but when they look at their prey, they quickly become very intelligent, and very friendly.

If youve ever seen a fruit bat attack a mouse, you know they’re always very interested in the mouse, and theyre always up for a fight. They’ve even been seen using their eyes as a camera to take in the world around them.

When you first meet a fruit bat, you notice they have a very distinctive, and rather terrifying, face. Unlike most other bats, they have big, round eyes that are a bit like a ball of eyes. At least that’s how it is in nature. In their natural habitat, fruit bats have very large eyes that are much more like a ball of eyes, with a slightly larger pupil than most other bat species.

Its been said that humans are the only species in the animal kingdom that have more eyes than their bodies. This is because our eyes are so big. We have very large eyes so that our brains can handle the massive amount of information we are forced to process. The reason this is important is that eyes are the windows to our brains. They allow us to see what is happening all around us and to process what we see.

Most animals have one large eye. The human eye has 11,000 tiny ones. They are called the central cones and are in the center of the retina. Our vision is based on the cones, and each cone is a separate light sensitive area. This is a very small area, but it allows us to see things that are far away, like the sun or stars.

It’s easy to imagine that the way in which we process what we see is a matter of how well we are able to distinguish color. We can see colors that are different than what we see in the typical way. To see a yellow rose, we need to be able to tell that it is a rose, and that its petals are yellow. To see a red rose, we need to be able to tell that it is a rose, and that its petals are red.

It might seem obvious, but color is really a very complicated area that we process on a very unconscious level. It’s easy to forget that it is something that we, as a race, have been doing for millenia, and that it is not just some random color with no context that can be processed without conscious thought.

This all makes sense once you consider the concept of colorblindness. Imagine if color blind people didn’t have a color sense, but could still see a red rose without thinking about it. Well, the very same thing could happen to us, so we do have a sense of what is red and what is yellow, but we use it as a mental shortcut.



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