I know you probably can’t pay attention to the whole video but I just wanted to say that the way you are walking, the way you sit, the way you talk, and the way you act…it’s all so well executed.

Thank you! And you are right; the way you are writing your text messages is well thought out and I think that what you are conveying in your writing is also well thought out. I think you have a very clear idea of your message, so I think that makes you look better. And I’m not sure how far your voice has gotten into the video, but I can’t see where the voice is coming from.

If you want to make it difficult for people to miss your messages, I suggest using a voice recorder. Try recording your phone messages and then playing them back in a video editor. If the audio quality is poor, the videos will look as if you talk at a normal speed (or much faster than normal speed). If your voice is too high-pitched for the video program, you’ll sound like a robot.

If you are recording your phone messages, you can record them yourself, just be careful not to record your cell phone number. Also, if you need to use your voice, try using a speakerphone to make it easier to hear your messages.

I recently found out that I’ve just been told that I’ve never heard a voice that sounds like a robot.

It’s not all bad news though. The new voice is actually quite good. It has an echo, which makes it sound like you’re speaking at a normal speed. The voice also has the same speed as most other humans (about 1/100th of a second) and it’s not too high pitched. And it’s able to make all kinds of interesting noises, like squeaks and clicks and whistles.

I think the new voice is a great addition, and an improvement on the previous one.

The original voice was the voice for the main character of my game called ‘Ai’ in which people can be seen walking around in a game like the Matrix. It was actually a rather bad character and I didn’t really like the idea of him speaking with robotic lips. The new voice is actually a very good improvement. It’s almost like the new voice has learnt from the mistakes of my game and is now more human in his voice.

A number of the changes that the voice on the main character’s character is made to be very good were made to provide a sense of the voice as opposed to playing a voice you usually hear in a video game. Those change were very noticeable. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the voice or if the voice changed. Although the current voice is a good improvement, it’s kind of like a different version of a similar voice.

Although this is a voice you’d expect from a game, the current voice has a more human tone, so it is probably not a good idea to use it for the main character of your game. Just saying, there are pros and cons to just using a generic voice for your main character.



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