nand drama

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a more enjoyable weekend than when I was getting ready to leave for NYC for the weekend. I was so excited to go to some of the more hip spots and I was so excited to be able to see my favorite bands perform. I was so excited to visit my favorite people and I was so excited to see my favorite places.

I’m surprised to find out that I live in a place where there are no TVs and there’s a wide community of people who have TVs… but when it comes to music, I’ve seen some of the best bands on the planet. I also witnessed a few of my favorite bands playing in the middle of the road, but they weren’t the worst.

Yes, I am aware that most of the band I have seen live never made it to video. I also am aware that some of them were so terrible on stage, they were forgotten until they got on a video that’s released today. But I am also aware of the fact that the bands I have seen live were the best. They were so good, they made me cry.

And in this case I have a hard time believing that nand dolmais made it to video. They have been on the stage for more than a month, and they still sound horrible. The soundtracks are horrendous as well. So I think Ive seen nand dolmais in concert more times than I can count. And when I say more times Im talking about more than a few, I mean more than a few.

I think when I saw them live at the same show where I was supposed to see the band I was super excited for them, but the sound was so bad I couldn’t even find the energy to be excited. So I don’t think I’ve seen them in concert more than a few times.

It’s really hard to listen to them over the sound of the mosh pit. Also, their soundtracks were really bad. Also, when they play live they dont have an “engaged” sound. They dont sound like you should have an engaged sound. Like the sound of a heavy metal band being thrown around a stage. They sound like they are being thrown around a stage.

Yeah that’s because their albums are hard to listen to over the sound of the mosh pit. They sound the same over the sound of the mosh pit. And the sound of their live shows is also really, really bad.

That’s also why I said their soundtracks were really bad. The first two albums, Deathloop and The Shredder, really could have been so much better. That’s probably why their soundtracks were so bad.

The first album, Deathloop, was by no means the best album by a band. It was a bad album, and I’m a huge fan of their songs. But the second album, The Shredder, is by a lot of people who know their shit. I don’t think they even know their shit.



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