platypus meme

The platypus meme was created by a group of students at University of Oxford, who decided to post a picture of a platypus and a picture of a cat. This caused the image to become a meme and spread around the internet. However, it has also been used by some people to cause fear and upset, and it has been used as a term of derision.

This one is about a platypus. In our recent research, we found that one of the most common memes around is that of a platypus. However, it’s also a meme that you can’t have a platypus without a cat. One of my favorite fags that I’ve had over the years is that of a prune.

This is a great example of how people can use memes to their advantage. The platypus meme is a meme that was created to be very popular and spread all over the internet. It was the first internet meme, and was very well received. However, this was also its downfall. It became a meme, and was used to be a meme that you can find it very difficult to make a joke around.

I feel your pain, my friend. A lot of memes are created to be humorous, but not very funny. I love our new meme of a platypus meme.

One thing we all agree on is that if you create a meme of a platypus meme, it will likely be very popular. People will be very quickly inspired to create memes. I’ve seen people give up on trying to use memes to their advantage, and instead create something that is very funny. If you create some meme that is super funny, then it will be very popular and it will reach over the top of the list.

Platypus memes are super simple. They require no more than a photo of a platypus and a few other memes. If you do a good job of putting these in a funny context, it will be very popular. Some very funny memes have been created with this technique, like this one that has been shared over 40 million times.

A platypus is an amphibian creature with a body that looks like a big, fluffy ball of fur. While the first platypus was thought to be a mythical creature, it is now thought to have been a real animal. The second platypus wasn’t as popular in the media as the first because it wasn’t as well known. But now that it has been made famous by the Internet, it’s becoming more popular and is becoming a meme in itself.

We all have some things in common with those three other meme categories, which all have a certain appeal. The biggest thing is that it is a bunch of small kids who can make a cute little cat look cute. It makes a difference.

But while platypus is a cute meme, it isn’t the prettiest meme. It probably is the funniest, which is why it is one of the more popular memes on the Internet. There are a lot of internet meme categories, but none of them include the cute platypus. So you can see why it isn’t as well known as the other two.

Platypus is a fairly new meme, but it is still a bit on the small side. It is a bit like the more casual Platypus meme, but with a bit more personality. It actually seems to be really popular among its larger members. The reason it is so popular is because it’s something that is in it for as long as we’re not talking about some sort of physical object.



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