telangana constable exam date 2016

The Telangana Constabulary exam is a new one for everyone, not just the candidates, and the students who are looking forward to the exam are definitely looking forward to it because it is not too long from now. The candidates will be competing for the first time in the history of the exam and here are some of the important points to know.

The first thing to know is that you will not be able to take the exam in Telangana, as it is reserved for candidates from Andhra Pradesh. The second thing is that you will have to appear for the exam in the month of October.

The telangana exam date is not set in stone. The date is open for discussion and there has been a debate within the department about the date because there have been reports that this is not going to happen. I would imagine the department will make a decision on the date by the end of October.

As I said earlier, the date is not set in stone. However, the time of the exam would be set by the time of the interview. The date is not set in stone either. As it turns out, the date has been debated as well. The department has been negotiating with several candidates and they are all in agreement regarding the date.

My colleagues and I were discussing the date with a few candidates who were also in the discussion. They all agreed that the date was not set in stone. They all agreed that they would be on different dates. So, unless there is a change in the department, the date will be an exam date.

The exam is set to begin in six months’ time. During that time, there is very little we can tell you. What will be the exam itself? We don’t know that yet either. But we do know that the department has been negotiating with several candidates, and they all agree that the exam will be an exam.

We know for a fact that there are more than a few candidates for the position. A lot of them are women, but the department has not released their names yet, or even when the announcement will come.

We know that there are a few women in the department, but they’re not in the position to be the exam candidates. It’s not an opportunity for them, but it’s an opportunity for some other candidates.

The department has been trying to find a few women to start with who can pass the exam. We’ve been trying to keep in contact with a few of these candidates, but we’ve yet to hear from them. As for the others, we’ve had no luck finding anyone since August.

It is not an exam that you can pass just by being a woman, and it is not an exam that you can pass just by being a Telangana constable. Neither sex is required to do this job. Its more like an apprenticeship that you can take on for a while, and a certification or something like that that you will be able to show that you have learned something that will help you later.



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