western ghats

This is a fun and unique way to visit the eastern ghats in India. They are small waterfalls in the Himalaya, and are well known for their lush, green, grassy, and moss-covered slopes. There are five waterfalls to choose from, so it’s easy to spend an entire day exploring and learning about the ghats.

In order to visit the ghats, you have to first make a hike to the Ghats. These small, but steep, cliffs rise up for hundreds of feet, and are the largest waterfall in the world. They have a great variety of colors, and they are easy to reach with either a 4×4 or quad. The hike itself is a great way to explore the ghats. You can pick your own path, or choose to follow the waterfalls.

The most difficult part of the hike is the first waterfall. Its called the Ghats. After you’re done with the hike, you have to go down. The first waterfall is a beautiful, if somewhat small, waterfall. It’s called the Fountain of Youth. It is also difficult to reach, so I recommend you go to the second waterfall. The second waterfall, called the Fountain of Fear, is much bigger and easier to reach.

The Ghats are the waterfall at the front of the ghats. They are the only waterfall that we can see from the waterfalls. They are the first waterfall we have to go up, and they are the most difficult waterfall. The Ghats are the best waterfall because its the most beautiful waterfall.

The first waterfall, the Ghats, is the best waterfall because it is the most beautiful waterfall. The second waterfall, the Fountain of Rage, is the most difficult because it has a massive waterfall on the other side of the city. It takes us about ten minutes to descend the waterfall to the top of the waterfall before we can reach the waterfalls where we can get to the second waterfall.

If you’re new to Ghats waterfalling, there are two ways to get there: you can either climb the Ghats itself, or you can walk up the mountain on the other side of the Ghats. I recommend the latter. The Ghats is a lot like the Great Wall of China, but it’s much more dangerous because the mountain is so high and because it’s much easier to scale.

The Ghats is a very large waterfall that descends into a small valley from the highest point in the mountain. In this particular case, most of the other falls are actually on the mountain itself. There are just a couple of large ones that you can see, but most of the falls are right beside the mountain. One of the few places you can actually swim is at the bottom of the Ghats. It can get pretty cold and you’ll probably want to dress warm to be comfortable.

Western Ghats were an ancient river that ran through the middle of the Sahara desert and was a major power in the region. It was an important waterway that carried water and trade around the region. It’s believed to have been a major contributor to the collapse of the ancient civilizations of the world. In fact, the world’s first oil well was discovered at the falls in 1859.

Western Ghats were actually the world’s largest inland lake with a water surface of over 10,000 cubic kilometers and a depth of over 50 meters. Its still somewhat mysterious how it was created although it was one of the oldest large lakes in the area.

The name western ghats comes from an Indian myth that surrounds the lake and its creation. The myth states that a man named Hari, or Harit, had to cross this huge lake in the middle of the night to deliver a gift to the goddess Gauri. He did this by dragging a bamboo crossbar across the lake with his bare hands after having the Goddess’s divine protection. This myth is probably quite popular because it is one of the earliest examples of a western origin for a myth.



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