what is indian tonic water

Indian tonic water is the ancient form of tincture, a preparation of distilled water and alcohol distilled in a closed vessel to produce a clear liquid. It is also called tincture of bhang.

Indian tonic water is distilled from a wide variety of plant species, including the bhajis, which are plants that produce bhang. It is also known as tonic water, as it has been used in many cultures for centuries as a diuretic and thirst quencher.

While Indian tonic water is very similar to other tonic drinks, it is much more powerful. It contains a compound called bhang, which acts as a diuretic. It also contains a compound called bakshish, which also acts as a diuretic.

You can find both in the US on Amazon.

The tonic water you can find in Indian stores contains bhang. I don’t have any experience with Indian tonic water, so I can’t really say what bhang is, but bakshish is a very similar compound.

For more detailed information about the properties of tonic water and the compound bhang, check out this article.

I had no idea what bakshish was, but I can say that bakshish is a very similar compound.

I didn’t know either, but I can say that bakshish is a very similar compound.

What I meant to say is that the tonic water that I found in the US is bakshish. I don’t know if the bakshish that I found in India is bakshish, but I’m not sure that either one is, and I’m not sure that either one is.

It looks like bakshish is actually a very similar compound. Both compounds contain a number of toxins that can be absorbed, and they both have the same taste, so I think that its safe to say that bakshish is just as good as bhang.



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