who founded kolkata

“Who founded Kolkata?” the question is asked by many and the answer is “Kolkata was founded by an immigrant named Shri Raj Kumar Gupta.” Gupta founded Kolkata in 1877 with the intention of establishing a center for education and culture. He opened the Kolkata branch of the Indian Civil Service in 1878, which later became the Indian Public Service Commission. Gupta also opened a school for girls named Birla Institute of Technology.

Kolkata was founded by a group of immigrants. The name kolkata comes from the word kolkata, which means district. It’s the third largest Indian city in the country with over 8.5 million people. It’s the second largest city in West Bengal.

The city of Kolkata, which is considered one of the cultural capitals of India, is home to a number of historical sites, museums, and cultural institutions. The city boasts the world’s largest concentration of historical monuments, most of which have been protected by the Kolkata Heritage Management Authority, which also administers the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its also home to the oldest park in the world, and the biggest lake in Asia.

According to the city’s website, the city was founded by the British in 1752. This means that the city has been around for a number of years longer than the rest of the world. In that time it has grown to become the second largest city in West Bengal.

That is quite impressive, but what about its origins? From where did the city get its name? Who founded it? How was it built? Is it still going strong now? And is it still a city? Well, it is still a city because it is still a city. The modern city is one of the great examples of modern architecture in Asia, and the latest addition to the city is a new mosque. It is also home to the third largest metro system in Asia.

This is obviously a subject that has fascinated scientists throughout the years and the latest findings are quite fascinating. According to some scientists, the city was founded by a man named Karam Chand or Karim Chand as he was known to his followers (I think his real name was Karim Chand). He was a Muslim leader in the Mughal era and a military commander during the French and Indian War.

It is believed that some of the founding fathers of the city were actually Hindu nationalists who were upset that the city was named after the Hindus. It’s interesting to note that the city itself was named after the Hindu god Bhrigu. The name was coined by the British after their victory over the Mughal Empire in the 1857 Battle of Karimnagar.

It is believed that the city was founded after the defeat of a Hindu general named Bhrigu. In the 1857 battle, Bhrigu, who was a Hindu general, killed a Muslim general named Karimnagar. The name of the city was then coined by the British. It’s interesting to note that the city was founded right after the defeat of the Mughals.

In recent years, there have been many theories as to how and why the city was named after Bhrigu. Some claim that the city was named after him because the British were trying to find Bhrigu’s tomb, but I don’t think that’s the reason. The city was named after Bhrigu because the original name of kolkata was karanji, meaning black stone.

I think there’s a good chance we’re going to end up seeing Bhrigu’s tomb in the game, whether or not we’re playing it.



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