who gave the title of mahatma to gandhiji

Mahatma Ghandi was the man who made the Indian Independence movement happen. But more than that, he was a man who made the Indian nation a stronger, more united, and more vibrant.

The question is: was Mahatma Ghandi really a man or was he in fact the reincarnation of a man? That’s not going to be answered by a simple question. If you’re an Indian in a country that doesn’t have a statue of Ghandi, you’re going to be skeptical. But if you’re not an Indian, you will be.

Ghandi was an Indian leader who came to India in the late 1800s. He was known as the “Father of the Nation” and was a huge proponent of Indian unity and strength. After his death, his legacy was left to his disciple Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a man who was himself a champion of Indian unity.

Nehru wanted to give the title to his own father, Mahatma Gandhi, but Gandhi saw it as a demeaning title, thus the name was given to Nehru instead. Nehru was an Indian nationalist who was instrumental in the formation of the Indian Independence Movement. For a time, he was the Minister for External Affairs under the N.A.R.A. and had served as the President of the Indian National Congress.

Nehru wanted the name Mahatma Gandhi to be given to his son but Gandhi, in turn, had doubts about giving his name to a man who was a mere Indian nationalist. The name Mahatma Gandhi was then given to his pupil Nehru, and the name was finally given to the Indian leader.

A man named Gandhi was the most important political figure in India in the 19th century. As a young idealist, Gandhi was inspired by the American abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison’s call for civil liberty and the American abolitionist Harriet Tubman. He was also inspired by the Indian freedom fighter Mohandas Kalluri. He was also a proponent of racial equality and non-violence.

Gandhi was born in a small village in Maharashtra in 1869. He got his first political and military education under the influence of his father’s teacher, the village headman, and his mother’s aunt. In 1892, he won the freedom of the Indian state of Mysore, but was forced to flee to the United States after the British government arrested him on charges of sedition.

If we look to Gandhi we can see that he advocated his ideas through his own actions. He was responsible for starting many organizations, schools, and organizations for social reform, and in this time he was also involved with creating the Indian Constitution. He was also involved with starting the Indian Freedom League with a group of influential men and women in the United States, and later he helped found the Indian National Congress.

Gandhi was born in 1869, in the city of Moradabad, India. He lived there all his life because he was very busy, constantly traveling to various parts of the world. He was considered a great revolutionary and was often referred to as a “man of action”. Gandhi was not a religious person though. He was a staunch supporter of the principle of nonviolence and wrote extensively about the causes of the world’s problems.

He was not considered a great activist by some. And yet he is the one who has given the title of Mahatma to Gandhi.



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