why petrol and diesel is not under gst

the first time you buy petrol or diesel, there is a risk of you never finding it again. It can run out on the side of the road, and sometimes it even dies on you at the pump. This is the reason why a lot of people don’t want to buy petrol or diesel.

The problem with petrol is that there is no way to know if you have it. With diesel, you have to be able to see where you are parked, and that is even more difficult. The best solution is to have an empty tank on your person, and fill it up when you go on a trip.

With diesel, your car can be stolen and run down by a truck which means you never have the chance to know if you have any fuel left in the tank. The same goes for petrol. If you are on a trip, you really should have an empty tank on you. Although, you can always just park your car and walk to the nearest petrol station, but it might not be as convenient as you think.

That said, you can use a petrol or diesel powered car to travel long distances without having to worry about empty fuel tanks. You can even use your car for long trips as long as you have a petrol or diesel powered car. The problem is that no one, not even a petrol or diesel powered car, will go to a petrol or diesel filled parking lot.

The problem with petrol and diesel engines is that they’re so easy to make that the only real solution is to use them as fuel. With the amount of diesel available, you can get a very heavy engine that’s too light, and then you end up with a lighter engine. But the price of fuel is more than you think. You have to pay the extra bit of fuel, and it’s a struggle, but it’s worth it.

On average, the price of petrol is about 10% more than diesel. But in Canada, the price of diesel is at least 3x the price of petrol. The difference goes to the consumer. For instance, you can buy a Chevy Volt for about $60. But because the Volt is so cheap, you then have to spend $90 to get the same power and fuel efficiency with a Prius. This is why you see the Prius as a gas guzzler.

The Prius is not a gas guzzler or a hybrid, but it is a plug-in car that is cheaper than a Prius and much more efficient than a Volt. So why do petrol and diesel still exist? The reason is because of the “gst” tax. Gst was introduced in the year 2000 and imposed at the time on every tax that was not already included in the GST.

The gst tax is not the only reason why petrol and diesel don’t exist. There is also the fact that the gst tax was set at 30% and it was only brought in, by the way, in the year 2000. It was then removed in the year 2014. So before the introduction of gst in the year 2000, the petrol and diesel engines used to be the most common and most efficient.

That was the case with petrol and diesel engines in our life. We don’t need to think about these engines for a moment. They work well on the road, but they are not good on the ground.



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