Nervously opening your news feed every day so you can get a sense of what’s happening in the world is not doing anything for your mental health. It isn’t good for anybody, really. Instead, take a couple minutes each day to read good news (and we promise, there is more good than bad out there!). You’ll feel uplifted and empowered – make sure to share it with friends and family too! 

Examples of daily good news are:

  1. Good news in the form of articles, blogs, books and comics.
  2. Good news stories tweeted by a friend or colleague.
  3. News shared from sustainability and ethical organizations and movements you feel aligned with. 
  4. Good news stories shared by colleagues working on similar campaigns/programmes/initiatives etc as you are involved in. 
  5. Good news stories shared by other groups you have joined via social media, such as an e-mail list or a Facebook group that brings people together for good causes or growth opportunities in your area of work. 
  6. Good news stories shared by friends you meet virtually or IRL (in real life).
  7. Good news stories shared by people you follow on social media.
  8. Good news stories shared from your own organization’s website, blog, newsletter and Facebook page.
  9. Good news stories in your area of expertise that people may not be aware of but you’ve come across recently in your own research/reading/engagement with colleagues etc.
  10. Good news stories shared by organizations and businesses that promote ethical and ecological products or services. 

What is write for us?

Write for us is a writing platform for writers from all backgrounds and abilities. Writers write essays, articles, poems, creative nonfiction, advice and anything else they feel passionate about! 

Why Write for Us?

Write for us is a place to share your stories. Find a place to belong where you can be yourself without censorship or judgment. You will gain new writing skills and opportunities to get your work published to a wider audience. Your writing will be stored on our site so that future subscribers can read your work easily. Get Writing… 

Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission?

  1. Word limit: 500-1500 words
  2. Your article should include the word “write” or “writing” or “writers” or something related to writing
  3. Your article must be original, it can’t be published anywhere else on the internet (but feel free to use non-copyrighted material)
  4. NO reposts of articles from other sources! 
  5. Your article should be well written, so we’d like to see how you would like your work to look when displayed in our magazines/indexes/magazines etc. 
  6. Your article should be related to any type of news.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

We publish articles on anything and everything, from general news to more personal pieces. We have various magazines relating to different topics, such as art, fashion, politics, science fiction/fantasy and so many more!

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What Kinds Of Articles Do We Want To Publish?

  1. Articles related to sustainable living and the environment.
  2. Articles on any international issues (news) that affects us (i.e: politics).
  3. Arts & Entertainment related pieces (i.e: music, movies/tv series etc)
  4. Humorous works (but we reserve the right to edit stories that are not suitable for publication).
  5. Advice and Solutions (how-to guides or guides).